Bridging the digital gender divide: Include, upskill, innovate

Policy Reports

The Report was drafted to support progress of the 2017 G20 Roadmap for Digitalisation: Policies for a Digital Future. It primarily focuses on women empowerment and their equitable participation in the digital economy. The Report amongst other things explored the different causes of gender-based digital exclusion, how digital technologies can help empower women, and what measures are needed to eliminate the digital gender divide. The Report emphasises that policy action can be taken in six main areas including:

1. Design and implementation of national digital strategies;

2. Promotion of labour market participation of women;

3. Promotion of women’s entrepreneurship and engagement in innovation;

4. Adaption of national and G20 Skills Strategies to increase awareness of the digital gender divide;

5. Evidence-based gender-related actions;

6. Publication of an annual Digital Gender Equality Report.