AI and Art

AI has revolutionised contemporary art across visual, musical, and literary domains. It has expanded the horizons of creative expression, pushing artists and audiences to rethink traditional notions of art, creativity, and authorship.

While AI brings many possibilities, its integration into art raises complex questions about the relationship between humans and machines, challenging us to navigate the evolving landscape of AI-generated art with thoughtfulness and critical engagement.


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Former coffee maker – Future AI policy expert

IQ’whalo represents a non-anthropomorphised embodiment of Artificial Intelligence (AI). IQ’whalo is an art installation by Professor Vladimir Veljašević, Diplo’s chief artist and professor of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade. It was first presented in 2019 at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Berlin.

IQ’whalo uses a large language model (LLM) to generate synthetic text based on the input of policy papers and transcripts from various meetings and conferences on internet governance and digital policy.

The name is a transcription of the word for the coffee maker (“Kuvalo”). Besides being a science fiction reference, Q also references “Q, the first genderless voice”.

Texts on AI and Art

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The reality of science fiction: Behind the scenes of race and technology

The value of storytelling serves as a reminder that narratives can be chosen, created, and then embodied as a life lived. Practising the change of narrative daily can lead to emergent strategies and change in the world. One in which communities would not need to fight for the right to breathe. This change begins by listening.

First AI collection of poems Sunshine Misses Window

Transformation of artificial intelligence: A villain becomes a poet?f

Poetry has always been associated with emotions, the soul, and the spiritual in us. The path taken by the villain from the Matrix is unusual – in China, the cold and non-human intellect has turned into a poet, showing us that the development of artificial intelligence can be viewed from a completely different angle.

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AI and art: Aibo, the robot dog

The need for superior intelligence has accompanied us since the dawn of humanity. So far, religious beliefs have survived all advances in science and technology because religion was created and accepted as a higher moral guide above empirical knowledge and evidence. Artificial intelligence will irreversibly undermine the human propensity to have faith in a superior spiritual power. The algorithms may replace God and create a vacuum in the human soul.


Art@IGF | Exhibition at the 2019 Internet Governance Forum in Berlin

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