U.S. International trade commission report on ‘digital trade in the U.S. And global economies’ (part 1)

Policy Reports

The Report explores the the role of digital trade in the U.S. and other global economies. It identifies the obstacles to digital trade such as localisation barriers, data privacy and protection measures, intellectual property-related issues, and online censorship. Some of the conclusions reached in the Report include:

1. Digital trade is beneficial for producers and consumers; 

2. Online content is growing;

3. Leading companies that are expanding their online presence are also expanding in all other aspects of the U.S. economy;

4. Economic effects of digital trade are hard to measure;

5. Social networking is having an impact on the U.S. economy;

6. Emerging technologies such as clouding computing are impacting the provision of ICT services;

7. Digital technologies have transformed how other goods and services are produced and delivered.