The national Quantum strategy of the United Kingdom

Regulations and Policies

Author: Department for Science, Innovation & Technology

The UK government has published a National Quantum Strategy, which outlines how the UK plans to maintain its position as a world leader in quantum technologies. The strategy sets out a vision for the UK to be a quantum-ready economy by 2040, and highlights the importance of developing a skilled workforce, promoting collaboration between academia and industry, and investing in research and development.

The strategy focuses on four key areas: quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum sensing and metrology, and quantum-enabled products and services. It also identifies four strategic goals: building a strong and coherent quantum community in the UK, developing and commercialising quantum technologies, supporting and scaling up quantum research and development, and promoting the use of quantum technologies across the economy and society.

The National Quantum Strategy also outlines a number of specific initiatives, including the establishment of a National Quantum Computing Centre, the development of a quantum communications infrastructure, and the creation of a Quantum Skills Taskforce to ensure that the UK has the skills and talent required to succeed in the quantum era.