UNESCO priority gender equality action plan 2014-2011

Strategies and Action Plans

The UNESCO Priority Gender Equality Action Plan for 2014-2021 defines strategic actions on the subject of gender equality, sets out processes for coordination, implementation, monitoring and reporting, and identifies institutional mechanisms for the pursuit of gender equality in UNESCO with a focus on capacity development, coordination and accountability. 

The Action Plan makes a reference to ICTs under section ‘Major Programme V: Communication and Information’ that seeks to address ways how to overcome gender imbalances universally and promote sustainable development and reduce poverty through communication and information. The section explores several focus areas and initiatives including: Girl Mobile consisting of openly-licensed training materials and capacity-development programmes to be delivered to young girls and boys to develop mobile applications (apps) for addressing issues of sustainable development and gender equality as well as the Information for All Programme (IFAP) that seeks to integrate gender equality approaches into policies and strategies and building the capacity of women and girls through ICTs.