The Strategy and Vision for Artificial Intelligence in Malta 2030

Strategies and Action Plans

Author: Malta.AI Taskforce

The Strategy and Vision for Artificial Intelligence in Malta 2030 was developed by the Malta.AI Taskforce, which the Maltese Government has commissioned. Its primary aim is to position Malta as a leading force in the global AI landscape.

The strategy revolves around three key pillars:

The first pillar emphasises Investment, Start-ups, and Innovation, aiming to attract investment and establish Malta as a hub for AI innovation and research. This involves supporting startups and encouraging investment in AI applications to stimulate economic growth.

The second pillar, Public Sector Adoption, aims to integrate AI into public administration to improve citizen services and enhance efficiency. Through the implementation of pilot projects across various sectors, such as traffic management and healthcare, Malta aims to demonstrate the practical benefits of AI.

The third pillar, Private Sector Adoption, focuses on enabling businesses of all sizes to leverage AI technologies. This includes providing support such as access to expertise, toolkits, and financial assistance to facilitate AI adoption and innovation.

The strategy is supported by key enablers, including education and workforce development, ethical and legal considerations, and ecosystem infrastructure. The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) oversees the governance of the Strategy, which includes the implementation of six AI pilot projects covering various sectors.