The Netherlands National Technology Strategy

Strategies and Action Plans

The Dutch government has identified ten strategic technologies that have the potential to solve societal challenges, bolster national security, and influence future job roles and income levels in the Netherlands. These technologies have been selected for their potential to establish a distinct Dutch position globally and to make a significant positive impact through collaboration between the Dutch academic community and the business sector.

The key technologies prioritised by the Dutch government are:

  1. Optics and Integrated Photonics
  2. Quantum Technology
  3. Green Chemical Production Processes
  4. Biotechnology, particularly in molecules and cells
  5. Imaging Technology
  6. (Opto)Mechatronics, which includes industrial systems, machines, and equipment
  7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science
  8. Energy Materials
  9. Semiconductors
  10. Cybersecurity

These strategic technologies are central to the Netherlands’ economic growth and innovation capabilities. They are essential in various sectors and will be integral to upcoming innovations. These areas are supported through the Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (KIAs) and the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC), which see collaborations between businesses, knowledge institutions, and government entities investing €5.7 billion in innovation efforts.