The Netherlands International Cyber Strategy 2023-2028

Strategies and Action Plans

The International Cyber Strategy 2023-2028 extends the Netherlands’ cybersecurity focus beyond its borders, aiming to contribute to a secure, open, and free global cyber domain. This international perspective is crucial for addressing cybersecurity at a global level, given the interconnected nature of cyber threats.

Here are some key aspects and objectives from the document:

  1. Addressing Cyber Threats: The strategy emphasises a proactive approach to combat cyber threats posed by states and criminals. It advocates for using a variety of tools, including diplomacy, sanctions, intelligence, military, and judicial competencies, in collaboration with EU partners and NATO allies.
  2. Promoting Democratic and Human Rights Principles Online: The Netherlands aims to strengthen the application of internationally recognised principles in cyberspace to promote global cybersecurity, asserting that cybersecurity and human rights are complementary. The strategy underscores the importance of safeguarding human rights and democratic principles when developing standards for new technologies and online services.
  3. Maintaining a Secure Internet: The document stresses the importance of protecting the technical layer of the internet to prevent fragmentation. It also highlights the need to include emerging countries in internet governance and enhance their cyber capabilities, ensuring they can benefit from a secure digital environment.

The strategy builds on previous efforts and addresses new geopolitical and technological challenges that have evolved since earlier strategies. It outlines a detailed plan for strengthening international cooperation and enhancing the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures both within the Netherlands and globally.