The Dutch Digitalisation Strategy 2.0

Strategies and Action Plans

Author: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of Netherlands

The Dutch Digitalisation Strategy 2.0 is an updated version of the initial strategy introduced to the Dutch Parliament in 2018. It summarizes the accomplishments of the past year and sets forth future goals. The strategy emphasizes the Netherlands’ commitment to harnessing the social and economic benefits of digital transformation responsibly. It focuses on establishing strong foundations in areas like privacy, cybersecurity, digital literacy, and fair competition. Over the past year, the strategy has initiated various actions, including expanding the Netherlands’ role as a testing ground for new technologies, enhancing digital education, and promoting responsible technology use among children.

Looking forward, the strategy identifies key areas of focus for the upcoming year, such as artificial intelligence, data utilization for social and economic improvement, digital inclusivity and skills, digital government services, connectivity, and resilience. The government plans to concentrate on these areas, collaborating with businesses, academia, civil society, and local authorities to drive progress.