EU 2030 Digital Compass: the European Way for the Digital Decade

Resolutions and Declarations

Author: European Commission

The Commission proposed a Digital Compass in March 2021 to translate the EU’s digital ambitions for 2030 into more concrete terms. They surround four cardinal points:

  1. Skills: Digitally skilled citizens and highly skilled digital professionals
    • By 2030, at least 80% of all adults should have basic digital skills, and there should be 20 million employed ICT specialists in the EU – while more women should take up such jobs.
  2. Infrastructures: Secure, performant and sustainable digital infrastructures
    • By 2030, all EU households should have gigabit connectivity and all populated areas should be covered by 5G; the production of cutting-edge and sustainable semiconductors in Europe should be 20% of world production; 10,000 climate neutral highly secure edge nodes should be deployed in the EU; and Europe should have its first quantum computer.
  3. Business: Digital transformation of business
    • By 2030, three out of four companies should use cloud computing services, big data and Artificial Intelligence; more than 90% SMEs should reach at least basic level of digital intensity; and the number of EU unicorns should double.
  4. Government: Digitalisation of public services
    • By 2030, all key public services should be available online; all citizens will have access to their e-medical records; and 80% citizens should use an eID solution.

These four targets will be enshrined in a Policy Programme to be agreed upon by both the European Parliament and the Council.

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