The Danish National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security | 2022-2024

Strategies and Action Plans

The National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security 2022-2024 has been designed to protect Denmark’s digital landscape. Its focus is securing crucial government and infrastructure ICT operations while educating citizens and businesses on navigating the digital realm safely. It emphasises the need for collaborative efforts, both domestically and internationally, to defend against cyber threats and espionage.

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The strategy outlines four main objectives:

  1. Ensuring the Protection of Vital Societal Functions: This involves securing critical ICT infrastructure supporting essential societal functions, but challenges include complex systems and a lack of awareness about cyber threats. Interministerial cooperation is vital.
  2. Enhancing Skills and Management: The strategy aims to convert awareness into actionable knowledge, emphasising the involvement of top management and the recruitment of skilled individuals, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises.
  3. Promoting Cooperation between Public and Private Sectors: Collaboration is key in sharing knowledge and experiences regarding cyber incidents. Both individuals and businesses require comprehensive support and consultancy services.
  4. Active Engagement in International Cyber Defense: Strengthening alliances with international organisations is crucial to combat cyber threats. The aim is to make cyber-attacks against Denmark difficult and ensure that such actions have consequences for the perpetrators. This contributes to upholding international norms in the digital sphere.