Spain’s National Cybersecurity Strategy

Spain has a National Cybersecurity Strategy that was first published in 2013 and updated in 2019. The strategy aims to ensure that Spain makes secure use of information and telecommunications systems and strengthens cyber-attack prevention, defence, detection, response, and recovery actions against cyber threats.

The specific objectives of the strategy can be categorised into five main goals, which are:

  • Strengthening skills to fight threats from cyberspace: This objective focuses on enhancing the capabilities and expertise of the Spanish cybersecurity workforce to effectively combat cyber threats.
  • Guaranteeing strategic asset security and resilience for Spain: The strategy aims to ensure the security and resilience of critical infrastructure and essential services in the face of cyber threats.
  • Boosting cybersecurity for citizens and companies: This objective aims to enhance the protection of individuals, businesses, and organisations from cyber attacks, data breaches, and other cybersecurity risks.
  • Strengthening skills to investigate and prosecute cybercrimes, guarantee citizen security, and protect rights and freedoms in cyberspace: The strategy seeks to improve the capacity of law enforcement and judicial authorities to address cybercrime while safeguarding the rights and freedoms of individuals in the digital realm.
  • Contributing to international cyberspace security and developing a cybersecurity culture: Spain aims to promote an open, plural, secure, and reliable cyberspace, support national interests, and contribute to international efforts to enhance cybersecurity cooperation and coordination. Additionally, the strategy seeks to foster a cybersecurity culture that emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity awareness, education, and best practices among individuals, businesses, and the public sector.