South African National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper

Strategies and Action Plans

The National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper in 2016 is a significant document approved by the South African government on 3 October 2016. This policy outlines key objectives and interventions aimed at transforming the information, communication, and technology (ICT) sector in South Africa.

National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper identifies internet governance as a key area of focus.

It emphasizes the importance of ICTs for development, addressing challenges such as employment, education, infrastructure, and inclusive growth. The policy focuses on principles like transparency, accountability, environmental protection, technology neutrality, and open access to ensure fair competition and innovation in the sector. The white paper highlights the need for digital literacy programs, infrastructure development, universal access, net neutrality, internet governance, and consumer protection to drive the ICT sector forward and bridge the digital divide in the country.

The document outlines several key objectives for South Africa’s information and communication technology sector. These objectives include:

  1. Innovation and Competition: Facilitating innovation, fair competition, and equitable treatment of all role players to ensure a range of quality services are available to end-users and audiences.
  2. Transparency and Accountability: Promoting the right of South African citizens to access information and to maximum transparency in how services are delivered and the conditions under which they are delivered.
  3. Environmental Protection: Ensuring that the design, use, and eventual disposal of ICTs recognize and protect the right to an environment that is not harmful to health or well-being.
  4. Technology Neutrality: Implementing regulatory interventions that are, as far as possible, technologically neutral to stimulate innovation and facilitate the development of innovative new products and service offerings.
  5. Open Access: Encouraging infrastructure sharing, spectrum re-farming, optimal interconnection, and balanced with the need for fair returns on investment.