South African National Cybersecurity Policy Framework

Strategies and Action Plans

The National Cybersecurity Policy Framework (NCPF) represents a strategic move by the South African government to address the challenges and threats posed by the digital age through a collaborative, well-regulated approach involving multiple stakeholders.

The NCPF covers various aspects of cybersecurity, including the protection of critical information infrastructure, combatting cybercrime, and establishing cybersecurity standards and protocols. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of different government bodies, the private sector, and civil society in enhancing cybersecurity.

The framework aims to centralise the coordination of cybersecurity activities, foster cooperation among various stakeholders, promote international collaboration, develop cybersecurity skills and capacities, and ensure a secure cyberspace that supports national security and economic prosperity.

The document elaborates on the establishment of a Cybersecurity Response Committee, led by the State Security Agency, to oversee and coordinate cybersecurity efforts. It also discusses the creation of the Cybersecurity Hub within the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services to facilitate public-private partnerships and manage cybersecurity incidents.

The NCPF emphasises the need to review and align existing legislation with the new cybersecurity policy to ensure a coherent legal framework. It also discusses the role of different governmental departments in implementing the policy, including justice, defence, and communications.