Slovakia’s Cybersecurity Strategy 2021-2025

Strategies and Action Plans

Author: The Government of the Slovak Republic

The Government of the Slovak Republic adopted the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2021-2025 on 7 January 2021, through Resolution No 5/2021. Serving as a foundational strategic document, it outlines the Slovak Republic’s comprehensive approach to ensuring cybersecurity.

The strategy encompasses legal regulations, practical measures like risk management and incident handling, education, awareness dissemination, and research and development of cybersecurity tools. It targets all entities involved in the cybersecurity system, establishing clear principles and strategic objectives to address current and future security threats in a modern manner. Cybercrime education is facilitated by specific initiatives from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Police Force, and the Judicial Academy of the Slovak Republic. This document discusses threats, loss-making goals, major foreign policy partners, and also the measurability and implementation of the Cybersecurity Meeting.