Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy 2021

The Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy 2021 was launched on 5 October 2021 and is an update of the first strategy that was launched in 2016. The updated strategy comprises three strategic pillars and two foundational enablers, which are:

Strategic Pillars:

  1. Building Resilient Infrastructure: This pillar focuses on strengthening the security and resilience of Singapore’s critical information infrastructure (CII) and essential services. Some of the key areas of focus include threat intelligence, incident response, and cybersecurity for critical infrastructure.
  2. Enabling Safer Cyberspace: This pillar aims to create a secure and trusted digital environment for individuals, businesses, and the government. It includes initiatives such as the licensing of cybersecurity vendors, the Cybersecurity Code of Practice, and the Cyber Trust and Essential marks to recognize enterprises implementing cybersecurity policies.
  3. Enhancing International Cyber Cooperation: Singapore seeks to advance the development of cyber rules, norms, principles, and standards through international platforms and discussions. The country chairs the UN Open-Ended Working Group on Security of and in the Use of ICTs (2021 – 2025) and hosts the annual Singapore International Cyber Week and ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity.

Foundational Enablers:

  1. Developing a Vibrant Cybersecurity Ecosystem: This enabler supports industry innovation and the growth of cyber entrepreneurs and start-ups in Singapore through targeted government initiatives. It also encourages enterprises and organizations to invest in cybersecurity and include it as part of their risk management framework.
  2. Growing a Robust Talent Pipeline: To meet the increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals, Singapore focuses on developing a skilled workforce through various training and education programs. The ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, established in 2019, has trained close to 1,500 senior officials from ASEAN and beyond as of October 2022.