Shaping Europe’s digital future: Landscape analysis for energy platforms/consumer applications

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Author: ETRA I+D

The landscape analysis for energy platforms conducted by ETRA I+D marks the initial stage towards the creation of a Common European Reference Framework for energy-saving applications, as proposed by the Digitalizing the energy system: EU Action Plan. It addresses five groups of energy-saving applications and platforms for domestic consumers.

Findings emphasize that energy monitoring enabled by these technologies has the potential to modify consumers’ behaviour, helping them to reduce energy consumption and lower billings. They provide not only personalised real-time data on carbon footprint, energy consumption and costs, among others but also recommendations and advice on how to save energy and use it more efficiently.

The report recommends a common European framework that combines different solutions that efficiently meet the needs of all energy users and stakeholders. Overall, it highlights that digital technologies can empower citizens to find solutions to current challenges in this area.