Second National Cybersecurity Strategy of Argentina

Strategies and Action Plans

The ‘Segunda Estrategia Nacional de Ciberseguridad’ refers to the Second National Cybersecurity Strategy of Argentina. This strategy was developed as part of an initiative to enhance and strengthen Argentina’s cybersecurity framework. The process involved a public consultation to gather input and feedback from various sectors, including government bodies, private entities, academia, and civil society. This inclusive approach aimed to ensure that the strategy addresses the current and emerging cyber threats comprehensively.

Key objectives of the strategy include:

  1. Enhancing the legal and regulatory framework to manage cybersecurity risks better.
  2. Improving the detection, prevention, and response mechanisms to cyber incidents.
  3. Fostering collaboration among national and international stakeholders to bolster cybersecurity measures.
  4. Promoting cybersecurity awareness and training across all segments of society to build a more resilient digital infrastructure.

This strategic initiative is crucial for protecting critical information infrastructures, securing digital transactions, and safeguarding the privacy and data of citizens and organizations in Argentina. It represents a forward-thinking approach to dealing with the complexities of modern cybersecurity challenges in a connected world.