Poland’s Integrated State Computerisation Programme 2014-2022

The Integrated State Computerisation Programme 2014-2022 is a key strategic initiative managed by the Ministry of Digital Affairs, in partnership with various public and private entities. Its primary goal is to modernise public administration and enhance state operations through digital technology.

The program’s specific objectives are outlined in three main intervention areas:

  1. Reorienting public administration to focus on citizen-centered services.
  2. Implementing horizontal tools to support public administrative functions.
  3. Developing digital skills among citizens, administrative personnel, and IT specialists.

Successful implementation of these objectives will depend on continuous enhancement of e-services’ quality, accessibility, transparency, and usability. Additionally, adapting the legal framework to keep pace with technological advancements is crucial. A proposed Digital Code will aim to unify the legal aspects of information technology currently scattered across various laws.

The program plans to continue developing modern back-office solutions and centralising ICT infrastructure management to support efficient and secure information exchange, harmonize procedures, and improve data quality for citizen services. An evolving State Information Architecture will structure IT system management across government.

Multi-directional digital education is also a priority, enhancing the economy’s competitiveness by improving IT professionals’ skills, maximising e-service usage among citizens, and aiding public administration staff in adopting new technologies.