Norway’s National Cyber Security Strategy

Norway’s National Cyber Security Strategy, effective from 31 January 2019, emphasises collaboration and partnerships among key stakeholders. The strategy outlines the increasing complexity and integration of digital infrastructure, which heightens vulnerabilities and dependencies across sectors and nations. It mentions emerging technologies (robotization, AI, etc.) and the associated security challenges. The strategy covers preventive measures, response capabilities, and legal frameworks to create a resilient cybersecurity posture for Norway.

The strategy prioritises several areas:

  1. Preventive cybersecurity
  2. Cybersecurity in critical societal functions
  3. Competence development
  4. Detection and response to cyber attacks
  5. Prevention and combatting of cybercrime

The focus on combatting cybercrime includes two specific goals:

  1. Enhancing the police’s competence and capacity to prevent and combat cybercrime.
  2. Building public trust in the police’s ability to handle cybercrime.

In 2017, Norway also introduced an International Cyber Strategy during the annual dialogue meeting on international cyber issues with the US, Nordic, and Baltic countries. This strategy outlines Norway’s principles and strategic priorities in international cyber policy, including cybersecurity, innovation and the economy, international cooperation to combat cybercrime, security policy, global internet governance, development, and human rights.