Luxembourg’s ultra-high-speed broadband strategy for 2021-2025

Strategies and Action Plans

Luxembourg’s ultra-high-speed broadband strategy for 2021-2025 is a comprehensive plan aiming to bridge the digital divide, enhance connectivity, and support the nation’s economic ambitions.

Luxembourg’s ultra-high-speed broadband strategy is designed to ensure comprehensive digital inclusion, foster economic growth, and maintain the country’s status as a leader in connectivity. By focusing on reducing the digital divide and promoting sustainable, future-proof technologies, Luxembourg aims to create a resilient digital ecosystem capable of supporting the needs of its residents and businesses well into the future.


Since 2010, Luxembourg has been committed to developing its telecommunications infrastructure to meet the increasing demands of digital services. With the advent of technologies like IoT, AI, and cloud computing, the need for robust connectivity has intensified. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of reliable internet, making digital infrastructure essential for teleworking, online education, and virtual services.

Main Objectives

  1. Connectivity for All:
    • Goal: Ensure every household and business has access to high-speed internet.
    • Measures: Focus on reducing the digital divide, providing at least 100 Mbps downstream and 20 Mbps upstream for all residents by 2025.
  2. Transition to Sustainable Technologies:
    • Goal: Encourage the adoption of next-generation networks.
    • Measures: Promote the use of fiber-optic, CATV, 5G FWA, and satellite connections to optimise energy efficiency and future-proof the network.
  3. Deployment of Future-Proof Infrastructure:
    • Goal: Accelerate the deployment of scalable networks.
    • Measures: Ensure the remaining 5% of households without high-speed access are connected, possibly with public support to bridge the cost gap.
  4. Transparency and Consumer Protection:
    • Goal: Improve transparency and strengthen consumer rights.
    • Measures: Enhance the clarity of service offers, contractual clauses, and quality of service to help consumers make informed decisions.
  5. ICT Service Development:
    • Goal: Position Luxembourg as a hub for ICT services.
    • Measures: Support the deployment of cutting-edge technologies like 5G, HPC, and quantum communication, ensuring the country remains attractive to innovative ICT service providers.

Strategic Implementation

The strategy outlines actionable steps to achieve these objectives, including:

  • Establishing a central contact point to assist stakeholders.
  • Mapping available communication technologies to prioritise actions.
  • Revising authorisation procedures to streamline new network deployments.
  • Implementing targeted measures to connect disadvantaged households.
  • Ensuring consumer protection and market transparency through robust monitoring.