LICRA v. Yahoo!

Court Decisions

The LICRA v. Yahoo Case is a French court case decided by the Tribunal de grande instance of Paris in 2000. LICRA filed a civil complaint against Yahoo! for allowing its online auction service to be used for the sale of Nazi memorabilia, in violation of Article R645-1 of the French Criminal Code. The Court ordered Yahoo! US to take all necessary measures to deter access to Nazi memorabilia auctions. It ordered Yahoo! France to warn users that if Yahoo! search results include content prohibited by French law, they must refrain from accessing said content to avoid legal sanctions. After Yahoo! requested the Court to reconsider its decision, the latter confirmed its previous decision and set a 3-month deadline for compliance. As a result, Yahoo! modified its auction guidelines and warned its users that the sale of items prohibited under Art. R645-1 of the French Criminal Code is not permitted.