Bridging the digital divide (Resolution 37, Rev. Buenos Aires 2017)

Resolutions and Declarations

ITU Resolution 37 (Rev. Buenos Aires) focuses on bridging the digital divide, particularly in cases of regional divides, indigenous and rural communities, developing countries, and for the purpose of meeting SDGs. The document mentions broadband connectivity and digital literacy as requirements for closing the digital divide, and the transformation of integrating ICT into education systems and broader populations. The integration of ICT may help with ‘implementation of both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2030 and the WSIS outcomes in 2025’. Therefore, enabling access to ICT reduces the digital divide, and the ITU recognizes the importance of its role in facilitating this development. The document addresses the many forms of reducing digital divide through ‘strengthened enabling policy environments and international cooperation to improve affordability, access, education, capacity building, multilingualism, cultural preservation, investment and appropriate financing. The resolution finally presents a number of resolutions, such as continuing ‘to assist in developing a user-awareness campaign’ and ‘to ensure that the necessary resources within the budgetary limits are allocated’.