Ireland National Cyber Security Strategy | 2019-2024 

The Ireland National Cyber Security Strategy 2019-2024 is a five-year whole-of-government strategy aimed at enhancing the security and resilience of the country’s network and information systems. The strategy was published in 2019 and has a mid-term review in 2024. Its main objectives are to ensure the state can respond to and manage cyber incidents, including those with a national security component, and to protect critical national infrastructure from cyber-attacks. 

Key points of the strategy include:

  • Collaborative measures: The strategy sets out a range of collaborative measures to enhance the cybersecurity and resilience of public bodies, providers of essential services, and the private sector.
  • Awareness and research: To raise awareness of the responsibilities of businesses around securing their networks, devices, and information, and to drive research and development in cybersecurity.
  • Skills development: Efforts are planned to increase skills as well as awareness among enterprises and private individuals around cybersecurity. This includes addressing the cybersecurity skills gap in Ireland and globally.
  • Diplomatic commitment: Ireland will reinforce its diplomatic commitment to cybersecurity, including by stationing cyber attaches in key diplomatic missions and by engaging in sustainable capacity development in third countries.
  • Enterprise collaboration: Enterprise Ireland will develop a cybersecurity program to facilitate collaborative links between enterprises and the research community, leading to the practical application of business research.
  • International dimensions: The development of network and information security as a key policy theme has critical international dimensions regarding the centrality of internet governance and the general diplomatic sphere. Cybersecurity is a first-tier international relations issue, and this strategy establishes how Ireland will continue to play a role in shaping this environment at a global level.