Global Digital Regulatory Outlook 2023 – Policy and regulation to spur digital transformation

Policy Reports

Author: ITU

The Global Digital Regulatory Outlook 2023 assesses the progress of regulations in 193 countries worldwide, providing valuable insights for regulators and policy-makers seeking to understand and shape the regulatory landscape to harness the benefits of digital transformation. It discusses the importance of agile and iterative policy implementation for digital transformation, identifies five tensions in policy and regulatory models, and highlights nine regulatory issues that need attention of regulators, including Internet, cybersecurity, AI, regulatory sandboxes, among others.

The report also suggests five strategies to will drive digital transformation and introduces a unified framework for evaluating the readiness of national policy, legal and governance frameworks for digital transformation, assisting national ICT regulators in making evidence-based decisions. The analysis is based on ITU’s set of benchmarks and evidence-informed frameworks.