European Parliament resolution of 22 November 2012 on cyber security and defence (2012/2096(INI))

Resolutions and Declarations

The resolution outlines actions and coordination needed in the EU in the field of cybersecurity. It also stresses the importance of horizontal cooperation and coordination on cyber security within and between EU institutions and agencies on the EU level. It underlines the importance of the work of European Defence Agency (EDA) in the area of cyber defence. Member States are encouraged to further work on cybersecurity and cyber defence with the assistance of the Commission and European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA). The document also outlines the importance of co-operation: public-private cooperation between the public authorities and the private sector, both at EU and national level; international cooperation undertaken by the Member States, the Commission, the Council and European External Action Service (EEAS); cooperation of EU with NATO, and cooperation of EU with the United States.