Drivers of Change: Pure Storage IT Sustainability Impact Survey 2022

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Author: Pure Storage and Wakefield Research

Pure Storage, an American technology company, in collaboration with Wakefield Research, a market research consultancy, released the report ‘Drivers of Change: Pure Storage IT Sustainability Impact Survey 2022‘ in which they explore the impacts of IT on the environment and the challenges to align IT teams with sustainability managers to reduce the carbon footprint of their organizations.

A survey was carried out with over 1,000 Sustainability Managers in four major global markets (US, UK, France and Germany). Findings show that 78% of managers surveyed say sustainability initiatives are treated as a priority at their company. 86% of sustainability programme managers agree that technology plays a critical role in advancing these initiatives, since technological infrastructures are associated with high energy and water consumption, and produce a significant amount of waste.

34% of respondents stated that there is the inertia of IT departments to support the company’s sustainability policies. According to the report, the joint work between IT professionals and sustainability managers at the beginning of the IT planning process can significantly contribute to advancing the company’s environmental targets.