Digital Transformation of Bulgaria for the period 2020-2030

Strategies and Action Plans

The National Strategic Document ‘Digital Transformation of Bulgaria for the period 2020-2030’ was adopted by the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria in July 2020. The document defines the vision and policy objectives for the digital transformation of the country for the next decade, including the National Program ‘Digital Bulgaria 2025’ and the priorities of the ‘National Development Program Bulgaria 2030’.

The document describes six objectives to be achieved over this 10-year period:

  • Deploy a secure digital infrastructure
  • Ensure access to adequate technical knowledge and digital skills
  • Strengthening research and innovation capacity
  • Unlock the potential of data
  • Digitalisation for a circular low carbon economy

The strategy document outlines 17 key focus areas until 2030, encompassing digital infrastructure, cybersecurity, research and development, education, workforce adjustments, the digital economy, agriculture, transportation, energy, environmental and climate concerns, healthcare, finance, cultural initiatives, combating disinformation and promoting media literacy, territorial growth, digital governance, and fostering security and civic engagement in the democratic process.

Presents schematically the
digital transformation, with the main participants and their interconnectedness.
Digital Transformation of Bulgaria for the period 2020-2030 2

The image illustrates the digital transformation, depicting the key participants and their interconnections in a schematic manner.