Denmark’s Tech Diplomacy Strategy

Denmark’s Strategy for Tech Diplomacy 2021-2023 emphasises the need for technology to support and uphold democratic values, human rights, and societal models, aiming for technology to contribute positively to society and help solve global challenges, especially the climate crisis.

A key aspect of the strategy is Denmark’s ambition to work with like-minded countries, companies, and organisations towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and human-centred technological development. Denmark seeks to engage actively in the EU, leveraging its position to influence Europe’s technological future and within NATO to ensure technology is considered a critical factor for security.

The strategy calls for these companies to promote responsible technology development and usage, proportional to their size and impact. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of empowering citizens, parliaments, and democracies to have a more substantial say in shaping the technological landscape, emphasising innovation and the vast opportunities new technologies present.

The strategy outlines three strategic priorities: responsible, democratic, and secure technological development; technology supporting Denmark’s safety and security; and global digital governance building on democratic values and human rights. Specific goals include ensuring that the tech industry meets societal responsibilities, strengthening security policy cooperation, and enhancing cyber and information resilience.

To implement this strategy, Denmark has positioned a tech ambassador with a global mandate, supported by teams in Silicon Valley, Copenhagen, and Beijing. To support the tech ambassador in her work, the Danish foreign ministry will establish a new tech council to advise and encourage the tech diplomacy work.