Author: Silvio Lorusso

DATA CENTERS GRAND TOUR (THIS DATA BELONGS HERE), commissioned by e-PERMANENT, is a virtual tour into the materiality of data. . Being accustomed to the freewheeling flow of information on the Internet and the immaterial quality of the digital age there is a tendency to overlook the physical embodiment of data. Silvio Lorussoʼs work seeks to demonstrate that data has a material reality. When Google published images of its numerous data centres last year they revealed that it is a vast physical network that allows for 20 billion web pages to be indexed per day by its search engine. By creating websites which refer only to the site at which the data of the image you are looking at is stored Lorusso brings a transparency to the experience of being online. He also draws our attention to the implications of these storage sites in terms of the vulnerability of private documents and files and their hidden impact in terms of energy consumption. ʻData Centers Grand Tour (This Data Belongs Here)ʼ creates a direct connection between the physicality of data and its digital representation.» ONE CLICK DESTINATIONS AND THE FREEWHEELING FLOW OF INFORMATION