Content in the Digital Single Market

Policy Reports

This Communication focuses on driving the Digital Single Market forward. There are new ways of delivering, creating and distributing content online, together with new ways of generating value, which presents both a challenge and an opportunity for a range of actors such as the creative industries and authors. Given these developments, one of the Commission’s concerns is to ensure that copyright and copyright-related practices, such as licensing, remain adapted to this new digital environment. In its 2011 Intellectual Property Strategy, the Commission acknowledged the strategic importance of copyright for the development of a well-functioning Digital Single Market. The Commission intends to work on two parallel lines of action. Firstly, it will complete its continued effort to review and modernise the EU copyright legislative framework. Secondly, the Commission aims to tackle a number of issues where swift progress is both necessary and feasible. The aforementioned issues include, inter alia, cross-border access and the portability of services as well as the audiovisual sector and cultural heritage institutions.