Center for Innovation for Parliament


The Centre for Innovation in Parliament (CIP) harnesses the potential for innovation across parliaments by bringing them together, supporting collaboration on solutions and sharing knowledge with the wider parliamentary community.

New technologies are having a major impact on the operational environment and cultural landscape of parliaments. A parliament that harnesses the power of new digital tools can now connect with those it represents in ways that were hard to imagine just a few years ago. The internal systems within parliaments are stronger and the processes they use are being transformed. Social networks and open data are important tools, allowing citizens to engage more effectively with members and parliaments.

The Centre was publicly launched at the World e-Parliament Conference in December 2018 with the support of a core group of parliaments: Brazil, Chile, Portugal, Zambia, and the European Parliament. It provides a platform for parliaments to develop and share good practices in digital transformation strategies, and practical methods for building capacity.