IANA transition and ICANN accountability

The historical contractual relationship between the US government and ICANN on the performance of the key Internet domain name functions entered a new phase with the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA) announcement of March 2014 of its intent to delegate its oversight role to a global multistakeholder community. This announcement triggered the so-called IANA stewardship transition process, which expanded over a period of more than two years, and formally concluded on 1 October 2016, with the expiration of the IANA functions contract between ICANN and the US government, and the transition of the IANA functions stewardship to the gloabal Internet community. The transition process has also triggered a discussion on the accountability of ICANN. While the minimum accountability pre-requisites for the transition to happen have been put in place, these discussions continue with the overall aim of strenghtening ICANN's accountability towards the broader community.