Internet Society InterCommunity 2017

Online and at Interactive Regional Nodes or Chapter Celebration Nodes around the world
Event update

[Update] The Internet Society celebrated its 25th anniversary in an InterCommunity global event spanning six continents. The key findings of the ‘Paths to our digital future’ report, launched on 18 September,

shaped the conversations in the 17 interactive nodes around the world. In Geneva, the event took place at CERN and featured a discussion entitled ‘Will the Internet of Things undermine the Internet of Trust?’ with three Internet Hall of Fame awardees: Robert Cailliau, François Flückiger and Ben Segal. The 2017 Global Internet Futures report was the result of a year-long community consultation on the forces that are likely shape the evolution of the Internet in the coming years. The report identifies three areas of impact (digital divides, personal freedoms and rights, media and society) and six drivers of change: the Internet economy, the role of government, the Internet and the physical world, artificial intelligence, cyber threats, and networks, standards and interoperability. The recommendations are clustered around addressing the need for online social norms and proactive measures to empower people to shape their own futures.

The Internet Society will organise the 2017 edition of its InterCommunity event on 19 September, in the framework of its 25th anniversary.

The event will start with the live presentation of the 2017 Internet Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The Internet Hall of Fame is an intiative aimed at celebrating those who helped make the Internet what it is today. After the ceremony, the programme will continue at Interactive Regional Nodes around the world, with discussios on the critical factors that will shape the future of the Internet. The event will conclude in Los Angeles with a roundtable discussion featuring several Internet Hall of Fame inductees and next generation leaders from the Internet Society's 25 under 25 programme.

Participation is possible online or in-person, at an Interactive Regional Node or from an Internet Society Chapter Celebration Notes

For more information, visit the event webpage. 

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