Committee of experts on Internet Intermediaries

17 Mar 2016 to 18 Mar 2016
Strasbourg, France

The first meeting of the Council of Europe's Committee of experts on Internet Intermediaries (MSI-NET) (Comité d'experts sur les intermédiaires internet) will be held on 17-18 March in Strasbourg. The MSI-NET Committee will prepare standard setting proposals on the roles and responsibilities of Internet intermediaries. The expected results of the new sub-group will be the preparation of a draft recommendation by the Committee of Ministers on Internet intermediaries and the preparation of a study on human rights dimensions of automated data processing techniques (in particular algorithms) and possible regulatory implications.

The MSI-NET will discuss the results it is expected to deliver during its mandate, most notably a draft recommendation by the Committee of Ministers on Internet intermediaries and a study on the human rights dimension of algorithms. The Secretariat will provide a non-paper with suggested questions for discussion. In the context of its work, the MSI-NET is expected to discuss the human rights guidelines for Internet Service Providers.

Read: Roles and responsibilities of Internet intermediaries, an issue mapping non-paper prepared by the Secretariat to facilitate discussions of the MSI-NET at its first meeting.

More infornation is available on the event webpage.


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