Youth IGF Azerbaijan 2020

3 Mar 2020

Baku, Azerbaijan

*Please note that the event has been postponed.


The second Youth Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Azerbaijan is co-organised by The Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, Youth Fund of Azerbaijan, ADA University, and the UN Development Programme (UNDP). The forum's mission includes:

  • Provide an open platform to the youth community to discuss Internet Governance issues;
  • Promoting a multistakeholder dialogue between Internet-related stakeholders and youth;
  • Bring the youth community in the table in order to include and amplify their voices so they can be a voice of influence in the making of the Internet-related policies;
  • Introducing and providing a better understanding of Internet Governance to the youth community;
  • Raising the awareness on the importance of engaging youth;
  • Empowering youth community to contribute in shaping the future of the Internet in a national and Encourage Azerbaijani youth to contribute to national, regional and international Internet Governance initiatives; platforms and be part of the movement which is helping increase youth participation in Internet Governance.

The event has been postponed to summer 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For details and new dates please visit the initiative's Facebook page.