WSIS stocktaking and WSIS prizes interactive session

21 May 2021 10:00h - 11:00h

Event report

The WSIS stocktaking process is a unique global tool for collecting information and providing regular reports on ICT-related initiatives and projects that have provided socio-economic benefits to people around the world. The WSIS stocktaking consisted of over 14,000 entries, explained Mr Malcolm Johnson (Deputy Secretary-General, ITU) for a few remarks.

Mr Vladimir Stankovic (Program Officer ITU), the moderator for the session, reviewed the stocktaking general report, ‘WSIS Stocktaking Success Stories 2021’ which describes 1260 ICT-related projects. The aim of this repository is to help individuals and communities around the world to partner, collaborate, and implement the use of ICT. The report reviews the vital importance of ICT for providing connectivity and allowing productivity to be maintained along with supporting logistics systems.

The call for stories is still open and over 480 submissions have been received. The full report will be available soon. The world has significantly changed since the WSIS stocktaking process began and it is clear that ICT is essential to societies and economies.

Johnson reviewed some of the prizes that have been presented during the previous days, celebrating the winners and hailing the final week of the WSIS Forum 2021 as a success. He then described the WSIS stocktaking publications that will be published, including a special global report on the coronavirus Case Repository.

Speaking about the ATC award, Ms Mneesha Nahata (Senior Vice President and legal assistant officer at the American Tower Corporation (ATC)) described the ATC view that ICT is the core of the digital economy and has the power to advance the SDGs, bridging the gender gap and contributing to a greener future in both urban and rural areas. The corporation has established a digital villages program to aid in bridging the digital divide in India and Africa; they hope to expand beyond digital literacy and to include employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Stankovic discussed the WSIS Photo Contest, which began five years ago to find and publish relevant and significant images that depict how ICT is utilized for benefit. One of the winners, Mr Victor Casillas, was able to join the session and share some of the motivation and inspiration for the photos he submitted.