The economics of wisdom 1.0 the golden path

11 Apr 2019 13:15h - 14:00h

Event report

The session was presented by Ms Lilia-Nadia Louarith, LLH Communication, and presented a paradigm, based on a new industry, new economy, and new biological rationality. She started by saying that nowadays the economy is based on knowledge. According to her, the material world will cease, because it will not be possible to create value from material things, such as extracting petro-oil. Louarith said that instead the ‘Economy of Wisdom’ is coming. In this vision, capitalism will grow and will make money by taking advantage of people.

She explored the example of the French soccer team, which was not the favourite to win the World Cup in 2002. However the Manager was very supportive of the team, and the players felt free to be creative. So they were able to reach their potential – which changed everything, and France won the World Cup. According to Louarith, capitalism works based on Darwinian ideas, needing competition and adaptation. It is essential to overcome these ideas to reach a new evolutionary stage, a co-creation economy.

Louarith explained that the human psyche is structured into three parts: the id, ego and superego. She believes that currently capitalism makes money only with the id part, while the other parts remain untouched. The ‘Capitalism of Desire’ explores the motivation and passion in buying a lot of things, through the manipulation of the mind, and is leading to people with depression, overproduction, and world destruction. On the other hand, the Economy of Wisdom, based on the id, ego and superego, makes possible the multiplication of earnings by a factor of three.

Finally, she proposed that the golden path of this new economy is to communicate with the ego and superego, to answer higher needs, instead of trying to answer only lower needs from the id. Louarith believes that this is a way of thinking to give more autonomy and happiness to people, to create and invent wisdom, and to better use time.


By Nathalia Sautchuk Patrício