World Social Forum

9 Aug 2016 - 14 Aug 2016

Montreal, Canada

The 12th edition of the World Social Forum (WSF) will be held on 9-14 August, in Montreal, Canada.

The World Social Forum is aimed to contribute to the building of a better world, founded in social and environmental justice, a social and solidary economy, a participative democracy, and the acknowledgement of equal dignity for all. 

WSF 2016 aims to bring together throusands of representatives of local organisations (from the Quebec area) and global civil society, as participants in more than 1500 self-managed activities. These activities will consist in: sharing of experiences, debate initiatives towards another possible world with opening and closing marches, an agora of initiatives, a youth camp, and a wide cultural programme. Remote participation will also be available for those not travelling to Montreal.

Discussions at WSF 2016 will he held under 13 large themes, which are derived from a collaborative work process carried out from September 2016 to February 2016. They include: Economic, Social and Solidarity Alternatives facing the Capitalist Crisis; Democratization of Knowledge and Right to Communication; Culture of Peace and Struggle for Justice and Demilitarization; Decolonization and Self-Determination of Peoples; Rights of Nature and Environmental Justice; Global Struggles and International Solidarity; Human and Social Rights, Dignity and Fight against Inequalities; Struggles against Racism, Xenophobia, Patriarchy and Fundamentalism; Fight against the Dictatorship of Finance and for Resource Distribution; Migration, Refugees and Citizenship Without Borders; Democracy, Social and Citizen Movements; Workers against Neoliberalism; Cultural, Artistic and Philosophical Expressions for Another Possible World. Some of these themes also cover issues related to the Internet and information and communications technology, such as: Internet as a common good, digital divide, right to knowledge, knowledge sharing, ICT and traditional indentitied, access to information, Internet hate speech, ethical Internet, freedom of expression, cybercrime, cyber-terrorism and cyber-control, and universal accessibility in communications.

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