World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018

23 Jan 2018 - 27 Jan 2018

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

The 48th World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting will be held on 23–26 January 2018, in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

WEF annual meetings aim to engage world leaders in collaborative activities to shape the global, regional, and industry agendas at the beginning of each year. The development of the meetings' programme is driven by WEF's mission - improving the state of the world. In this context, the 48th meeting aims to rededicate world leaders to developing a shared narrative to improve the state of the world, and to set an agenda that drives greater multistakeholder collaboration to address political, economic, and societal challenges of our time.

'Creating a shared future in a fractured world' is the theme driving the design of the programme, initiatives, and projects of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018, which will be attended by leaders from across business, government, international organisations, academia, and civil society.

The future of the digital economy will be one of the topics discussed at WEF 2018, with a focus on aspects related to: digital transformation of industries, cybersecurity of the industrial Internet of things, and trus-based partnerships and collaboration. Other issues to be discussed include: the fourth industrial revolution and its implications, advancing the Sustainable Development Agenda, artificial intelligence, fighting cybercrime, shaping national digital strategies, and privacy and data protection. 

For more information, visit the WEF website.