Workforce of Tomorrow 2019

Washington D.C., USA

The event will be held on 22 May 2019 in Washington, DC, USA. The event is being hosted by US News STEM solutions.

Since 2012, the 'Workforce of Tomorrow' events have been focusing on improving US science, technology, engineering, and math skills. The 2019 edition of the event will examine how executives, policymakers, consumers, and others are working together to improve education and workforce development to meet the urgent and evolving labour needs of today’s and tomorrow’s employers.

The event will bring together leaders from industry, education, government, and other sectors to showcase promising practices and proven solutions that are making a difference in solving USA’s skills gaps. The themes to be addressed include, inter alia:

  • Building a workforce for the fourth industrial revolution
  • Bridging the gap: developing a diverse talent pool
  • Education innovation
  • Policy and partnerships

For more information, visit the event website.