Women in IT Summit Asia 2021

26 Oct 2021


The Women in IT Summit Asia 2021 will take place online on 26 October. 

The Summit addresses the concerns around low participation of women in tech, noticeable through talent shortages and high droput rates of women in middle management. Despite more women pursuing tertiary education, only a small percentage take up CEO or managing director positions, and 14% of women who enroll never event enter the workforce in Asia. The IT Summit enables knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking opportunities to help organisations and individuals address these issues and ensure a more gender-balanced future in the tech sector in Asia.

Following the summit, the Women in IT Awards recognises the outstanding female tech talent in the industry, as well as the employers that are implementing diversity initiatives and breaking boundaries to spearhead real change in the sector.

To find more information and register interest in attending, please visit the dedicated webpage.