WMO Virtual Data Conference

16 Nov 2020 - 19 Nov 2020


The World Meteorological Organization and its predecessor, the International Meteorological Organization, have coordinated and regulated the free and unrestricted international exchange of observations and other meteorological data for the last 150 years. The WMO Data Conference aims to develop a common understanding among entities from all sectors of society of the roles, requirements, and arrangements for the international data exchange for monitoring and prediction of the Earth System environment, including weather, climate, and water. 

The Conference is expected to formulate recommendations to WMO and its partner organizations and stakeholders regarding current needs and modalities for data exchange and specifically regarding the ongoing WMO review of its data policies. Four main themes include:

  • The changing landscape of weather, climate and water data
  • Business models and data policy issues
  • Filling the gaps in global data coverage
  • Data exchange for Earth system monitoring and prediction

More information can be found on the conference webpage.