UNESCO Mobile Learning Week

7 Mar 2016 - 11 Mar 2016

Paris, France

Mobile Learning Week 2016, taking place on 7-11 March, aims to clarify the question of how ICT can be used as an educational ally. The event will shed light on the ways mobile technology can be leveraged in different contexts and for different groups to provide and assure high-quality education for current and future learners.

The internationally agreed Education 2030 Framework for Action specifically calls on countries to ‘harness’ information and communication technology (ICT) to ‘promote quality and effective learning’, and the complementary Qingdao Declaration underscores that the application of mobile learning is ‘essential’ to achieving ambitious 2030 targets.

The event is organised around a webinar on 7 March; workshops on 8 March, a two-day symposium on 9-10 March, and policy forum on 11 March. The two-day symposium is the core of the Mobile Learning Week. It will convene government representatives, education specialists, mobile learning experts, project managers, researchers, and industry partners to examine mobile learning innovations and share strategies to improve the quality of education through the use of ICT. UNESCO will be hosting 64 different breakout presentations as part of the Mobile Learning Week symposium.

Further details are available on the event webpage.