UN/CEFACT Conference on ‘Facilitating data exchange – the role of Web APIs’

30 Oct 2019

London, United Kingdom

The conference on 'Facilitating Data Exchange: The Role of Web APIs' will place on 30 October 2019 in London, the UK. The conference aims to provide a non-technical audience with a sound understanding of how application programming interfaces (APIs) work, where they are currently used, and the UN Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business' (UN/CEFACT) work on API standards.

This conference is part of the 34th Forum of the UN/CEFACT. Experts from the public and private sectors will come together to work on facilitation recommendations and eBusiness standards. This specific conference will provide an introduction to web APIs, real examples of their use in the international supply chain, the UN/CEFACT RDM2API and API Town Plan projects and their relationship to existing UN/CEFACT products such as the Core Component Library, and a future state vision for how trade, transport, financial, and regulatory processes can work together as a distributed suite of web APIs.

For more information about the event, visit the dedicated website