The OECD Ministerial Council Meeting

This year’s agenda will focus on three inter-related themes: (i) Economic resilience: policies for a stronger, inclusive growth and economic values; (ii) Future frontiers: innovative technology for net zero economies; and (iii) Global Partnerships: a long­-term commitment to the Indo-Pacific region. Our proposed agenda will be underpinned by an emphasis on core shared values, in particular gender equality, harnessing and developing all the talent and diversity within our societies. 

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) will be an opportunity to come together, building on our common purpose and shared values, to help face these challenges and promote a resilient, stable and prosperous future for our citizens. 

The theme of this year’s MCM, which will bring together Members, Partners and International Organisations, is “Securing a resilient future: Shared values and global partnerships”.

The meeting will focus on addressing together challenges to our collective economic resilience, while upholding our shared values, and building and nurturing partnerships with countries beyond the OECD membership.