Technology, Globalisation and World Trade Governance

30 Oct 2017

Geneva, Switzerland

The Technology, Globalisation and World Trade Governance conference will be held on 30 October 2017, in Geneva, Switzerland. The event is organised by the Centre for Trade and Economic Integration of the Graduate Institute of Geneva, in partnership with the World Trade Organisation (WTO), under the auspices of the Trade Dialogues programme.

The main topics to be tackled during the conference include:

  • Robots, trade and jobs: how new technologies impact trade and employment;
  • Trade and the digital economy: e-commerce, online offshoring, data services, platforms, privacy, and cybersecurity;
  • Digital trade and the WTO: governmental policies affecting digital trade in all its forms.

The day will end with a high level policy session, which will put the discussions into the broader perspective of historical, technological, social, and global governnace and political considerations.

For more information, visit the event website.