Preparatory ministerial meeting for the Summit of the Future

21 Sep 2023

New York, USA

Ahead of the 2024 Summit of the Future, the President of the UN General Assembly will convene a preparatory ministerial meeting on 21 September 2021 in New York.

The meeting will offer ministers an opportunity to:

  • Set out their vision and priorities for the Summit of the Future;
  • Outline their expectations of action-oriented outcomes that could be achieved in 2024, based on results of the SDG Summit;
  • Discuss how to reinvigorate the multilateral system to address emerging global risks and challenges and present proposals to strengthen it;
  • Consider how the Summit of the Future can turbocharge Agenda 2030;
  • Discuss how to restore trust among member states, how to uphold the UN Charter and international law, and how to deliver on member states’ commitments to leave no one behind, protect human rights, and place women and girls at the centre of the UN’s work;
  • Offer guidance for multilateral negotiations to prepare a shared understanding on how future action can serve global transformation, stability, and well-being.

The ministerial meeting will include an opening segment followed by statements from member states and observers of the General Assembly at the ministerial level.

Details are available in the Information Note and Programme circulated to UN member states by the President of the General Assembly.