Open Consultation and MAG meeting April 2016

4 Apr 2016 - 6 Apr 2016

Geneva, Switzerland and online

[Update] Read our report from the event:

IGF 2016 preparations under way

by Sorina Teleanu

Preparations for the eleventh meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) started with a first round of open consultations and a meeting of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), which took place on 4-6 April in Geneva. The three day event started with a review of the IGF 2015 meeting, and continued with discussions on the programme and structure of the IGF 2016 meeting (scheduled to take place on 6-9 December 2015, in Guadalajara, Mexico), as well as on the nature and content of inter-sessional activities to be undertaken up to December.

The overarching theme for IGF 2016 was decided: ‘Enabling Inclusive and Sustainable Growth’. A number of sub-themes were also identified: access and diversity; security, openness, and privacy; Internet and ICTs for the Sustainable Development Goals; Internet economy; human rights online; youth engagement; gender issues; multistakeholder cooperation; and critical Internet resources.

An important part of an IGF meeting is represented by the community-driven workshops, for which an evaluation and selection process will be carried on by the MAG; a timeline for this process (including a call for workshop proposals) was agreed by the MAG. A call for workshop proposals was launched after the meeting.

With regard to inter-sessional activities, a decision was made to continue the work of the best practice forums on Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and IPv6 and to initiate new best practice forums on cybsersecurity and gender and access. There have also been discussions on continuing to have the ‘Policy Options for Connecting the Next Billion(s)’ as the general theme for inter-sessional work. 

On a more general level, an emphasis was put during the meeting on the need to encourage more participation from developing countries in the IGF process (including the annual meeting and inter-sessional activities), as well as in national and regional IGF initiatives. 


Event announcement

The next Open Consultations and face-to-face Meeting of the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) is scheduled to take place on 4-6 April 2016, in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations established the Advisory Group (now referred to as the Multistakeholder Advisory Group – MAG). Its purpose is to advise the Secretary-General on the programme and schedule of the Internet Governance Forum meetings. The MAG consists of 55 Members from governments, the private sector and civil society, including representatives from the academic and technical communities. In addition, representatives of former IGF host countries, as well as representatives of intergovernmental organisations, are invited to attend and contribute to the meetings and work of the MAG. The MAG holds face-to-face meetings, preceded by open consultations, up to three times a year. More details about the responsibilities of MAG members and group procedures can be found in the MAG Terms of Reference.

Updated information can be found on the IGF Website as it becomes available.