Octopus Conference 2015: Cooperation against Cybercrime

17 Jun 2015 - 19 Jun 2015

The 2015 Octopus Conference, on Cooperation against Cybercrime, will take place on 17-19 June 2015 in Strasbourg, at the Palais de l’Europe, Council of Europe. The conference will provide an opportunity to interface for cybercrime experts from public and private sectors as well as international and non-governmental organisations from all over the world.

Cybercrime@Octopus is a Council of Europe project based on voluntary contributions aimed at assisting countries worldwide to implement the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime and strengthen data protection and rule of law safeguards.

The conference will focus on Evidence in the cloud: Criminal justice access to data; it will provide updates on key developments in 2015 and the outlook for 2016, and updates on the implementation of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. Workshops include:

  • Capacity building on cybercrime: lessons learnt
  • Policies and initiatives on cybercrime of international and private sector organisations
  • Protecting children against sexual exploitation: prosecuting “grooming”
  • Victims of cybercrime: does anybody care?
  • Radicalisation on the Internet: the criminal justice perspective
  • Standard operating procedures for handling electronic evidence
  • International cooperation: enhancing the role of 24/7 points of contact

The Octopus Conference will take place at Palais de l’Europe, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France. Participation is free of charge but subject to registration. Registration opens on 1 April.

The conference will be preceded by the plenary session of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) on 15 and 16 June 2015 (participation in T-CY is restricted).

A draft programme of the conference is available. For more details, visit the project webpage.